Stay Being

by Holophrase

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"Casting off from the decks of art rock: Holophrase, with their esoteric knowledge of circuitry, sails into the sea of noisy curiosities; where music is no longer just an expression, it is an experiment. Holophrase’s new album isn’t electronic-pop music in the sense of the mainstream garbage infiltrating the ears of the masses, this is real electronic music: Stay Being is art...Stay Being is a top-notch electronic piece of art. The production quality is something difficult to compete with. There is not one dull moment within the album, every measure seems to have been nurtured with the utmost attention to detail."
- Jay Gostynski, Surviving the Golden Age

"(Electric Chair) combines an interesting variety of sounds, with elements of the ethereal future pop of Grimes, the ambitious art pop of Björk and the buzzing indie collage of Mitski among other varied influences. It sounds very much of the moment, and yet like it could have been beamed in from the future."


released November 18, 2016

Malgorzata Stacha - Vocals, lyrics, and violin.
C Freddy- Electronic drums and circuit bent keyborg, gold detector, vocals.
Luis Etcheid - Bass, synth, guitar, lyrics.
Tyler Lindgren - Acoustic and electronic drums.

Nick Reinhart - Guitar (Alligatron, Dr. Doctor, Object, No Matter What, D.A.B.).
Joshua Trinidad - Trumpet (Electric Chair, Alligatron, Dr. Doctor).
Kalyn Heffernan - Lyrics and vocals (Electric Chair, Cubicle).
Juan Alderete - Bass (No Matter What).
Sean Faling - Triadex Muse (Low Rider).

"Object" (Kraftwerk Cover) Writers: Florian Schneider-Esleben, Ralf Huetter, Karl Bartos.

Produced by Luis Etscheid, C Freddy, Tyler Lindgren, and Nick Reinhart.

Tracked at Dryer Plug Studios by Chad Saxton and Tyler Lindgren.

Mixed and arranged by C Freddy and Luis Etscheid/Mantic Conceptual.

Final master mix by Tyler Lindgren.

Mastered by Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Mastering.

In memory of Ikey Owens.



all rights reserved


Holophrase Denver, Colorado

Rising from the loose circuitry and tangled wires of second-hand electronic instruments, the members of Holophrase march gallantly forward into the largely uncharted territory of art rock and the music of tomorrow.

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Track Name: Electric Chair
Were you ever free?
Were you the one,
Who did this to me?
Were you, were you the one?

Don’t know if it’s right or wrong,
But I know I went far from home?
Welcome to my last breath,
Make yourself comfortable.

Zoom zoo.
Yes i’m back heating up the room beating up the tune.
Sick of being used even when i’m mute.
Too soon.
Half downers, half uppers, bad mother, mad others, gas suffer, last supper.

Welcome to my last breath,
Make yourself comfortable.

Only in amerikkka, hell of a ride,
Take all the character, sell off a life,
Hell's in a cell where you yell and you die.

Taking only smell of forest,
And my mom’s kiss with me.

Capital, capital, capital,
With a capital C,
Punishment, run that shit, laugh and you’ll see.
Laugh and you’ll see.

Bring out the guns, ring out the sponge,
Turn up the voltage, burn baby, burn.
Last words, slaves till they say so.
Slaves till they say so.

Don’t know if it’s right or wrong,
But I know I went far from home.
Dolly’s room 39 was unlocked.
Sing Sing’s not.
Track Name: Alligatron
Shall I start? so...
Sad struck me, and I fell.
Don’t give me all my life to spare,
Instead, I’ll take you out of here.

Little lives, locked in brittle moments, little lives.
Sound or word, from far away, sound or word.

Gently rushed by fear’s glow.
Strangers eat from your table.
Quietly raise from glass to lip,
Politely poison borrowed sips.

Drive into silhuettes. Where am I?
When did I suddenly care? Where do I?

Ocean’s scent, nostrils ice kissed.
Sudden spark of a dust lit beam.
Boundless, serene light,
Call to wake insipid sinking anyway.

Thank you my dear Europa for a place for life
Sound or word, from far away, sound or word.
Track Name: Dr. Doctor
(repeat after me)
When you were a nine year old,
Can you recall?
Say: here and nowhere.
It’s still in your head.
Moths flew from your bed.
Memory (tranquility) is all 'till dark hurrah.

If only we’d see it,
Don’t make me see it.
Only two halves,
Without fear.

Summer air is thick like clay,
Inside a dry well.
White birds flap their wings.
(deep breath)

They work in the dark.
They are making you a path,
To be in the world.
Find a way to win.

Only we see it.
Don’t want to feel it.
Only to heal anesthesia.

Have a seat, relax, deep breath. (repeat after me)
Happy to see it all (happy) again.
Remember it was a happy (calm) life.
Happy to see it all again. (tranquility)
Remember that it was a happy life. (happy)
Track Name: Object
I don’t want to be your sex object.
Show some feeling and respect.

Yes, no, yes, no.

I don’t want to be your sex object.
I’ve had enough and that’s a fact.

Yes, no, yes, no, maybe... yesno!

No, yes, maybe?

I don’t want to be your sex object.
You play your tricks, they’re just perfect.

I don’t want to be your sex object.
You turn me on and then forget
Track Name: No Matter What
Whose vices hiding in walls?
He left and now they track my calls.
Why us?
I have no answer.
The kids are grown now I can do what I want.

Can do what I want, goodbye.
I can say by bye doodad, bye.
I don’t eat I don’t drink,
But sit inside hollow baobab.
Moody baobab.

Try to unlearn.
Steady my mood.
No matter what it takes me to forget,
Was obeying too long.
You better not stay calm.
Track Name: Cubicle
Rooms are too cool.
Light too bright and blue.
Not the right word,
Can’t do without smoke.
You leave me alone.

Tt’s just way too far,
Anyway I can’t work that hard.
Made up my mind,
Run out of time,
You know life.

Evacuate, run for your life.
Elevate, closer to the sun.
Run for your life.
Evaluate, watch the dam break.

Don’t let me out of the box.

Too good, too nice,
Never wrong, always kind.
On days off, busy looking for,
That one perfect shade of perfect kind.

Evacuate, run for your life.
Elevate, closer to the sun.
Track Name: Lo Rider
You never know,
On a warm night at a hotel room in Mexico.
What’s going on?
I’m ready to play any time, if you call me now.
Show me what you got.

Now do as I say.
Hope, stop fighting those flower wars.
Hanging from my neck.
Alabama’s baby arm and it can play as well.